Why Gbwhatsapp banned in india ?

Whatsapp is banning all the user who is using unofficial third party app.Gbwhatsapp,whatsapp plus

Nowadays whatsapp is the most popular important messenger site. Where people can chat but the big question is that those users . Who are using the third parties and unofficial app they are getting banned as they are using gbwhatsapp and whatsapp plus. The whatsapp company strickly take that desicions to banned this kind of unofficial app . Like gbwhatsapp and whatsapp plus.

In recent time whatsapp is the biggest messenger chat client in an over the world where billion of peoples. Who installed this application from google playstore and around and sometime more than 1.5 billion users . Who are using this application in each and every month.

Here whatsapp is the origional of supported version which you will get officially . From whatsapp website and from google playstore and also there wsas solve unofficial app which you will get from. The unknown Source of website but you will not get this application of whatsapp. which is developed by the third parties and the violate the official app terms and services.

While in recent time whatsapp is the biggest chat application and over million of peoples engaged with application. But whatsapp is not appreciating or supporting the third parties app like gbwhatsapp and whatsapp plus . which is really providing the features which is more interactive in comparision of whatsapp like you can send upto 900 messages at a time . So this are the thing which will interact you but unofficial app . Whatsapp is not like and that’s why whatsapp is banning . All those who are using this kind of unofficial app and unsupported application.

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