who is whatsapp Founder and his unknown Story

whatsapp founder

whatsapp Founder Story

In 2017 the application called whatsapp has hitted 1 billion users, to use this application. In this communication part of world. Here whatsapp shows that it is the far best wireless application. Whatsapp developer who provided you a many features like messaging,voice calling,video calling etc. There was some other features also which involved by developer like profile photo upload and upload status in text manner. Nowadays it was actually stand in front of some standard application like facebook ,twitter,instagram etc. With due to the reason of the consistent services and features that whatsapp provided to his customer.

whatsapp Developer Names and unknown facts

founder of whatsapp
founder of whatsapp

Whatsapp application was founder and developer story was start from 2009 by Brion Acton and Jan Koun . Both of them are a former employee of a yahoo company . But in 2007 both of them are left the job from yahoo company. After that they are at some point of time they are also applied into the facebook company but both of them got rejected.

Xda Developer And Design of whatsapp

The developer is designed and developed in this way . That this application was runs of both android device and ios device. This application is more comptaible from pc, laptop ,android device and ios device. Which is free source file which you can download from the internet and also you can be download from playstore.

Therefore its trending in social media app in various part of world .Peoples are using this application due to the various part of world. And however peoples are using this application due to the various reasons like that you can create a group. Like friends,family and business type group. From this way you can chat and get alert message from group . so its was very easy that peoples don’t have to message evey singal indisually person. To know amazing facts of gbwhatsapp to click here and if you want know about the best version gb gbwhatsapp click here.

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