What is whatsapp web ?

What is whatsapp web ?

Well whatsapp web is the important part of whatsapp application that is popular nowadays 500 million peoples are uses whatsapp. In each and everydays in his phone. In each and every part of world. So here i will tell you exactly that what is whatsapp web and in which purpose we are using this ?. When you will open your whatsapp account. so there you will in the top right three dots . So over in three dots you have to click it after you have clicked you will saw whatsapp web option. So when you click on whatsapp web so at that time the next phase of screen will open as a scanner. Here you can only scan a qr code on a computer by the help of scanner you will get logged into the main page . Where you don’t have to provide any kinds of information like phone or email id. You will tell here the qr code is the authentication password protection.

Where exactly you can use this whatsapp web . So here i just want to explain you with small example suppose , as when you will created a account in your phone over there . you have to just just provide the phone number and when you will fill up the received otp. So at that time you are in the main page of whatsapp. But when you to your desktop or laptop to access whatsapp , So at there how you can access your chats . so the solution is that at the point of time yo have to use that whatsapp to see your chats and do chats on whatsapp in desktop.

Disadvantage of whatsapp web :

There is only one disadvantage from this features is that your account will get hacked easily. So you have to be care full about that , if any one got your phone for a second they can hacked your whatsapp account easily they will see each and everything . So be aware about this feature and don’t give your phone to anyone , if you are reading articles.

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