What is whatsapp business apk and why we use it ?

What is whatsapp business apk ?

Basically whatsapp business is actually differ from our whatsapp account and this application has downloaded by a small business man were they actually given his full information about his business like, phone number, email id, website link and also the service that they actually providing. Download it from here

How we can install whatsapp bussiness apk :–

So here step by step i will tell you that how you can install thsi application on your android phone.
. So first of all you have to download this apk from google playstore.

. Here you have verify your business phne number.

. After that you have to provide business name.

.The important thing is that you have to update your profile and you have to provide each and every details.

Whatsapp Business apk is first of all free source or free application to use

Feature of whatsapp business apk :–

. Latest version is 2.19.114(639)
. The file size is 25.6mb
. Last updates in 5th november 2019.

. This app will actually automatically give the response to your customer. If customer want to buy something or they want to talk something. So after your available
you can contact him regarding to the customer to his problems.

pro :

. Here updating the profile is very easy

. Here also you can include more than one website url to show your customer.

cons :

. Here you will not find more cons , but one thing is that here it’s not clear verified about your business.

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