Latest News More than 1400 peoples phones are hacked by whatsapp :-

Well the news is really true that that more than 1400 whatsapp account will hacked by just receving a videocall . So in this articles i will tell you each and every thing which was happend in recent time . so be aware about this news because this is the most important thing.

So here i am clarify you that here whatsapp account will hacked. By this way your whole phone system and data will be hacked . So how it is possible ? .

Some method by which your account will hacked :-

So here i want to tell you that it will be done by hackers. That they are preparing or attacking by the help of video call . And by mistake if you received that spamming videcall call . Then after that automatically your phone will get cut , But at the same time a spam file or virus called pigem. which will get downloaded by you phone, So after that automatically your phone get hacked . So beaware about this problem so don’t received any videocalls or audio calls. If it is coming from an unknown number may be that will be a trap. At recent time over 1400 phones are hacked whatsapp is actually suspended . All those 1400 accounts and inform him to clean the viruses . Basically whatsapp is also fill the case of agency, which is basically from an israil .

Yes in india also over 20 famed people of india from the different field . His account is also get hacked by this video call method. So here goverment of india also informed to be aware about this spam calls. The important thing is that don’t click on any link . Because Once you will clicked on an unknown link at the same time . Your account or your phone will hacked because this trick is not new that will done by any person. Means if they don’t know about hacking they can also do this thing very easily. so by the help of application Which you will get from playstore where you can create a link and spread that link in whatsapp . So if some one get click and if they signup with his facebook account. His account will get hacked as per this is crime but here i am just aware you. So don’t do such mistake if you read this articles.

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