Latest updates came on in whatsapp with fingerprint in android phone :

Well the latest updates came that fingerprint is now available in android phone. As before it was not available in the android phone but it was available in the android phone but it was available in the iphone . So it’s a good news for android users that as a password protection . Fingerprint is available to secure your whatsapp account messages . So if you give your fingerprint , So at that point of time only you can access other then no one can access your account.

So, there are some few steps to activate the fingerprint on whatsapp account for protection :

Firstly you have to update your whatsapp account to new version.

  • secondly is the top right there will be three dots yo will get . where you have to click and after that you have to click on setting.
  • Thirdly is that there was a six option available but you have to click on top option that was a account section.
  • Fourtly after that click on privacy option and after that you will get new face of screen. Where at the bottom , you will get a fingerprint lock option. So at there you will have to get an option to enable from where you can enable or disable the fingerprint lock. This fingerprint lock will be done from the phone specified area where most of the phone you will find fingerprint in back and in some of the phone you will get in front. So by this way you can provide a security on your device whatsapp account.

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