Latest mod version of GBWHATSAPP 8.05 apk for android phone :

Latest mod version of GBWHATSAPP 8.05 apk for android phone :


Well whatsapp is the most popular alternative mod app of original whatsapp. So as you think right now that if is not working then . why you will read this post. But here you want to know everything before access it from the right place and also want to know about the features and properties that Gbwhatsapp is providing you . To know the history of whatsapp founder click here.

How to install whatsapp plus in android phone :

Well here gbwhatsapp has came with lots of interactive features and design . Like hiding the last seen and also here you can change the theme and you can give your friend easily by the theme xml file and your friend can easily access those file on his phone . Here you will get the direct download link as its new version came , so any updates about the app .
You will get it from here. So the latest version of GBWHATSAPP 8.05 apk is called as FM WHATSAPP . This is is a free source file to download . you don’t have to pay any money as more than 9M downloads are there and app size is 52MB . So to operate this GBWHATSAPP 8.05 apk in your phone Android version require . Android 4.0+ and the last updates came in the october 5, 2019 and this is GBWHATSAPP 8.05 version of whatsapp so, from here you will get the updates and the latest version of gbwhatsaap.

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