Lastest features of whatsapp


  • The lastest features in the whatsapp is the finger print look,which always help to provide secure to your chart, information and many other things etc.
  • Video calling : You can easily able to talk with those person who are staying abroad though the help of whatsapp videos calling and it always help to make strong. Relationship between people.
  • Group chating: Mainly teenagers are very much active in group chating. In some ways whatsapp help them also regarding their studies and some ways disturb them also.
  • Audio recording: A long chats can be able to send with the help of audio recording . It is fastest and easiest way to communicate long chats. It help to save time of people.
  • Status: One of the most interesting things in the whatsapp is status . People express their feeling with the help of status . It will shown to all the people who are saved in the contact list of person.
  • Whatsapp group: Their are many different – different types of group are running in the whatsapp with the help of their system people can send a one message to all the person who are available or join in the group easily. In these days their are lots of business,educational,social, family group are available in the whatsapp . Their a no problem of presence of large numbers of people available in the groups.
  • .Whatsapp profile: In whatsapp profile ,you get you name,about,phone .It just a small description about you and your minute information.In profile you have a right to set our own photo,or any other photos you like and any time you can change all this information or photos.
  • Chart option: In setting when you open chart option you find many different features such as wallapaper,chats backup,chat history and you can also select your own .
  • choice of language which make you easily to understand any message.
  • Notification : When any one send you any message you get . The notification on your home screen . you have a option to choose notification tone, conversation tones.
  • Invite a friend : You also get option to invite your friends directly through your whatsapp accounts.

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