GBWHATSAPP is raised up version of ordinary whatsapp. Basically, gbwhatsapp comes with tweaked UI for added any features and most important it use similar licence and the minutes as the normal whatsapp.
One of the great advantage of gbwhatsapp is that you can install this application in your mobile phones by side with whatsapp without any interference.
Once you install this app,you can continue to use it with your new number in a fully independent chart. GBwhasapp have lot of additional features as comparing to normal whatsapp such as it have many additional new features and much more improved privacy policy than whatsapp. You can disable calls of some specific person and send GIF message also to your friend and any other members.these process is comfortable for those users who wants to use two whatsapp on single mobile phone.

If you compare gbwhatsapp with whatsapp, you find that gbwhatsapp has a quality to hide you online status,send large videos files, more than 80 pictures can be send at once.But if we talk about the corresponding features of whatsapp we find that whatsapp does not have such as in whatsapp you cannot send large videos , you can send lots of pictures in one shorts.


1.videos will be upload upto 30 mb.
2.anti ban and ban proof.
3.No need of route access.

If you want to save and transfer your chats history.There are create folling steps to done this task.If you fail to do this task or this steps could rest in lost of chats happen.If is not our guaranteed that this process will surely work because whatsapp does not support unofficial apps.
1.Firstly, in this process you have to wait for certain temporary ban to end. The timer will show you the length of the ban.
2.In gbwhatsapp,you have to tap more option > chat > back up chat.After that go to phone setting > tap to storage > files.
3.Find the folder gbwhatsapp and tap and hold it.After that you find in upper right corner tap more > rename.
4.You have to download it from playstore ,in whatsapp verify your mobile number.
5.You will found restore tap it > next.
6.whatsapp should load with your existing chat.

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