know about the feature of gbwhatsapp in iphone


There are certain features which are available for iphone users only and there are also some features which are available for both iphone and android users.Their are certain top features such as :
1.You will not face any kind of disturbance or problem while operating two different version of whatsapp in single mobile phone.
2.You also have the option to run gbwhatsapp in you pc without any problem.
3.A particular message can be send to 600 person capacity or more.
4.You have the option to unseen the message send by your contact number people while actually you have seen it.
5.There is a wide space available to send pictures,documents , in PDF or in any format and also in bulk quantity.
6.You also have a right to set the status characters which will shown to limit number of people,according to your choice.

Gbwhatsapp theme is easily supportable in iphone without any trouble. With the help of gbwhatsapp theme you can easily change the look of your phone chat window. we can download any number of theme,according to our wish,and change it on daily basis.

If you are facing problem while downloading gbwhatsapp, Then you must follow certain step which is provide in the down to install successfully gbwhatsapp theme in your iphone are :
1.Firstly, you have to open your gb whatsapp account and then open your gbwhatsapp setting.
2.Secondly , you will find download theme button,click on it.
The other step is to choose your one of the favorite theme from among all and directly click apply for it.
3.Thirdly , you have to wait for a time of download that theme and after that says “RESTART NOW”.
4.LASTLY, click on the “ok” option and you get your results that your gbwhatsapp theme is successfully changed in your gbwhatsapp account.

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