Is Gbwhatsapp is safe or not?

Is gbwhatsapp is safe  or not ?
Is gbwhatsapp is safe

Is Gbwhatsapp is safe :

Here basically Gbwhatsapp is the alternative application of whatsapp. Here the peoples uses the mod version of whatsapp that is called Gbwhatsapp,due to the reason is more simple. So here Gbwhatsapp is providing more interactive features and design that why the more number of peoples using. But here question is arrised that is Gbwhatsapp is safe or not ?.

Is Gbwhatsapp is secure ?

Is gbwhatsapp is secure ?
Is gbwhatsapp is secure ?

Now the big question is arrising from here that is gbwhatsapp is safe. Should we use in our android phone,ios phone or in pc. So to be honest as I was researched in this topic. so by my experience as i will not suggest you to install this application into your phone . As we all know that there was some method by which we can hack someone whatsapp account. So, here I just want to tell you that if, you want to use this application in your cell phone . Then go by your own risk , i am not supporting it. Because the gbwhatsapp account is connected with your phone number and if it’s possible that your phone number is connected with your bank account. Then its may happen to hack your cell phone so it is not safe in personal phone.

How to use Gbwhatsapp into a cellphone in Safe way :

 How to use Gbwhatsapp into a cellphone in Safe way
How to use Gbwhatsapp into a cellphone in Safe way

Here i will tell you one method by which you can use this application in more safe and secure way. But here i am not 100% sure about this but you can try this whole process. So the method is that you can make a clone of gbwhatsapp origional by some application. Here in the playstore you will not get this application but from unknown source file you will get this application. So from there you can download it and install it and for use this application you also want parallel space which can secure your ip address. It is basically using for cloning the application. So by this method you can secure your cellphone to use this kind of application.


Here i conclude this topic because when you install this application.It will ask you for an access your contact , storage and all the media files.And also like audio,video and camera. One more important thing is also that gb whatsapp is not available into the playstore. So , this is the big reason that this application is not identified. To know about GB whatsapp is trusted application or not click here and find it.

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