Find out the latest feature of gbwhatsapp apk 8.05 apk.

Find out the latest feature of gbwhatsapp apk 8.05 apk.

Well the GBwhatsapp is the mod and alternative app of whatsapp application . So in this topic we will discussed about the latest feature of gbwhatsapp apk 8.05 apk .So, here i will tell you some of the features that makes him more interactive and why ?. But when you use this modded version. It will never fell you like that you are using alternative application.
It will always give you a fell like official whatsapp account as normal. This apk 8.05 apk. where a whole process working like send text,sending messages and sending video this all are the part of the whatsapp Api. So,the important thing while using this application you will not find any kind of lagging in a screen.

So, here some of the most interactive features are there :-

  • In this application one of the most important features is that you can directly send a message to a particular group member personally.
  • The most popular features is why most peoples are using this application due to the reason is that . If by mistake if you can delete the message in your origional version , so on that time you will not to be recovered that messages. But gbwhatsapp apk 8.05 apk. giving you this features that you can recover the deleted messages.
  • There is another and most interactive features of gbwhatsapp apk 8.05 apk. is that you can make a folder like this is image folder,this is video folder and so you can create every kind of folder section and so one cane send you a images or videos , so at that time that data will be saved automatically in your create in folders.
  • Normally in whatsapp you can send a video file up to a 15MB that is two less and above it will not send it will get failed.But with the help of apk 8.05 apk. you can send up to 50MB of video size, so here using gbwhatsapp apk 8.05 apk. it will get more satisfied thing.
  • In gbwhatsapp yu can send up to 900 messages to indivisual person at same time.But this is not available in the normal whatsapp.
  • You can also use two whatsapp account in same phone but you have to signup indivisually with both mod version and origional version.

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