Download Latest whatsapp mod that is OGWHATSAPP :

Download Latest whatsapp mod that is OGWHATSAPP :

Well OgWhatsapp is the latest mod application of whatsapp that will provide you more security and reliable. So by this reason you will for this application and download it. As developer are created this application in the way like where you can set up all those features like.

If you are uploading Profile picture and status as in normal whatsapp. So over there everybody can see your profile picture and status. But in OGwhatsapp you will decide that whom you want to show your profile picture and status and in ogwhatsapp there was also some advanced option . Where you can delete the send messages as like normal whatsapp and here you can also hide your status information. In the present time over 500 millions users are currently active in Whatsapp in every month as it is a official app. As before whatsapp came into the playstore in the starting period of time as it saws that we got a simple features but as around time to time it was get developed by a developer. Nowadays you will get lots of advanced features and lots of mods application of whatsapp like gbwhatsapp, whatsapp plus, yowhatsapp,ogwhatsapp. Here OGwhatsapp application give you a more advanced feature with security and more reliable.
The most interactive features of this application is DND mod and hiding the online status. That makes him more, different in comparision to whatsapp
and other mod also.

Features of Ogwhatsapp :

. The application name is Ogwhatsapp(OGWA)
. Install the latest version of Ogwhatsapp
. The size of Ogwhatsapp is 48mb
. For running this application you need a android as more than 5.0 + version.

The important thing is that anti-ban issues . Because as we all know about that. When we are using any mod version of whatsapp .

so definitely there will be a chance of Account banned. But in ogwhatsapp as a developer are designed. In such a way that where you can not get banned . So that’s why this application is more secure and more reliable.

Difference between Gbwhatsapp vs yowhatsaap plus

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